Three Poisons of the Evil One

“Three Poisons of the Evil One”

9 December 2013

Dear Brethren, Shlama lukh.

All humanity is marked as either being righteous or unrighteous according to the divine standard. There are two masters, brethren, one of the Light and one of the darkness. Yahweh (Yah, Zurvan) is the King of the Light, while the evil one is the king of darkness. There are those who serve God and those who serve the evil one.

The beloved Prophet Mani said, “There are two Sources – God and Matter, Light and darkness, Good and evil – in all ways quite opposite, for they share nothing with each other, God being good and having nothing in common with evil. ” (Karuzuta d’Mar Mani 1:1)

And again he says, “God excels more in Good than Matter in evil.” ( Karuzuta d’Mar Mani 1:4)

In His righteousness God has not abandoned humanity He still exhibits warm and Fatherly compassion upon all His beloved children and provides a way out for those who serve Him and those who willingly obey His righteous principles. God’s compassion is seen through the fact that He has provided a Divine Messenger for humanity in every period of time. The darkness that is in the world is temporary. That darkness, ruled by the evil one, will be destroyed and the righteous will be given eternal life in the joy of God’s Presence.

The very fact that you have breath in your lungs and are able to enjoy all that which is beautiful in creation can only be a testament to a loving and compassionate God and none other; the very fact that you experience joy and love and beauty is due to God’s compassion on the soul within you.

Brethren, there are some among you and around you who doubt God’s compassion and believe God to be weak or unable to bring a lasting solution to the problems experienced by humanity.

There are three main reasons why many doubt God’s tremendous power and His loving compassion toward humanity. Such doubt is due to 1) mental obstacles, 2) assumptions and 3) lack of proper faith. These three characteristics associated with the spiritually weak among humanity can only be attributed to the evil one. These three can be likened to poisonous venom of the evil one that cause the seed of doubt to take root within your heart.

Those who permit themselves to be controlled by these are under the influence of the king of darkness, for that evil one has become their father and their master in all things. If these three fill your life, you are treading upon the path of evil.

There are many persons who live such a life, for the darkness gladly enshrouds those who embrace its ways, and the path of the darkness is wide and many walk upon it in ignorance and bliss.

Walk not according to the dictates of the darkness, but rather, walk upright with 1) mental clarity, 2) unassuming character, and 3) strong faith hand in hand with the Divine Messenger. In these three are found 1) peace, 2) good will, and 3) righteousness.

Generating these three characteristics, brethren, will help alleviate pain and suffering from your own body and mind, and from others in the world. Your soul will leap with joy, for with righteous characteristics such as these, along with the full practice of the Twelve Virtues, your soul knows that its deliverance is near.

May Abba d’Rabbuta be praised and worshipped in the heights above the heavens; may Rukha d’Kudsha grant you peace and clarity and may Maran Yisho (Jesus), Mir Izgadda and Mar Mani be always in your heart with praise and thanksgiving upon your tongue. May the labour of the Truth be always upon your hands and may your feet be always guided by the Light.


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