On the Need for Approval Before Transfering Covenants

Shlama brethren,

On occasion, we see brethren moving in and out of various covenants without good reason. This has been an ongoing issue, but only recently was it discussed in depth at a special meeting called to discuss a variety of topics affecting the spiritual life of the adherents of the Religion of Light.
For those brethren who are in established Spiritual Communities, it is important to note that as of 2 April 2017, switching from one covenant to another, will not be permitted without first seeking counsel from approved clergy. A valid reason will need to be provided, along with a great deal of prayer and contemplation on the matter.

It is understandable that an individual may be called by the Spirit of holiness to a different covenant within the Religion of Light or because they simply made a mistake when they first joined their particular Community, but this is not evident when the individual moves from one covenant to another, numerous times in a short span of time. Good reason(s) must be given before approval can be granted to enter into a different covenant than the one you originally agreed to.

As we begin to move toward true unity among the people of the Religion of Light, and as some of the Covenants begin to be merged in these last days, it is important that brethren understand their particular covenant and maintain stability and spiritual maturity in all situations.

May God bless you,

Mir Garendra
5 April 2017