Generational Curses – What Are They and How to Rid Yourself from Them

Generational curses can be a reality for many people. The Oahspe Bible (the official Scriptures of the Faithist tradition) teaches that souls can continue lingering in the earthly plane of existence. Those who have deceased relatives who were involved with various forms of witchcraft, demon worship or other dark practices, often remain with their living relatives causing many problems, often times health related (both physical and mental). Other problems may include finances, housing, persecution or hatred from others, and so on. These souls can influence others who can in turn cause troubles for the living.
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Addicted to Media and Games

As harmless as some may seem some of the television programs and games available today, often lead to deeper, darker realms of “magick” and that which pertains to the evil one. Today’s younger generations have been disappointed in their parent’s actions and lack of real parenting unlike other generations of the past. We have always had the disappointment and bad parents and evil society, but as we all know, it gets worse, and the younger ones are usually the main ones who suffer. They turn to silly witch games that later turn into real witchcraft and unstable minds. They are no longer able to deal with life because they have lived a fantasy for so long.
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Do Not Condemn Your Brethren

Shlama to all the dear brethren,

We often discourage individuals from entering into the houses of religion or religious institutes that are considered outside the Religion of Light, and for good reason. Adherents of the Religion of Light are quite familiar with the false teachings, darkness, scandals and atrocities that are carried out in the name of “religion.” Adherents of the Religion of Light do not wish to have anything to do with such groups, sects or cults.

While the holy books from various Spiritual Communities within the Religion of Light contain some of the words of the Third Messenger concerning the fate of certain false religions, adherents should be careful as not to condemn their fellow brothers and sisters who have been called by the Third Messenger to serve as missionaries in groups that are generally understood as being outside the Religion of Light. Some of these brethren have been instructed by the Third Messenger or the Teacher of Light to enter into these “other communities that are at the base of the mountain of truth, so as to teach those other adherents about the true Light.”
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On the Need for Approval Before Transfering Covenants

Shlama brethren,

On occasion, we see brethren moving in and out of various covenants without good reason. This has been an ongoing issue, but only recently was it discussed in depth at a special meeting called to discuss a variety of topics affecting the spiritual life of the adherents of the Religion of Light.
For those brethren who are in established Spiritual Communities, it is important to note that as of 2 April 2017, switching from one covenant to another, will not be permitted without first seeking counsel from approved clergy. A valid reason will need to be provided, along with a great deal of prayer and contemplation on the matter.
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Steps to Take When Leaders Promote Disunity

If anyone within the Religion of Light, regardless of their Spiritual Community, finds that one of their appointed leaders in their or other community are causing or promoting disunity, then it is the responsibility of the brethren to bring this to the attention of that particular leader, admonishing that one, but with respect and with the desire to seek clarity.
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