Steps to Take When Leaders Promote Disunity

If anyone within the Religion of Light, regardless of their Spiritual Community, finds that one of their appointed leaders in their or other community are causing or promoting disunity, then it is the responsibility of the brethren to bring this to the attention of that particular leader, admonishing that one, but with respect and with the desire to seek clarity.

The one who speaks to the leader, should make sure the leader is simply not mistaken in a comment that he/she made or that something was not misunderstood on the part of the brethren. After this, if the leader continues to sin in causing schisms, the issue should be brought to the attention of the senior most earthly leadership of the Religion of Light. If for some reason, the brethren are unable to take those steps, the issue should be brought to the attention of the Mirs.

It is important that the brethren not have an accusatory spirit and that they always use respect toward the leadership even if their leader is incorrect about a doctrine or otherwise. In many cases, it is simply a misunderstanding, or sometimes the individual has expressed his/her opinions in a manner that might have been taken wrong by the brethren. This is in no way an attempt to minimize the importance of any particular situation. Because of human frailty, this type of issue does occur from time to time. A priest, deacon, bishop or other leader might need to be reminded of the need for humility or chastised because of a poor choice of words or ideas, but it is not the place of the laity to do this.

It is a grave sin to cause a schism, so we take such charges very seriously. If there is a situation where the brethren know for a certainty that the individual leader is teaching outright heresy, or is being unreasonable with their requests of the disciples (for example, causing them to work on too many projects at once, unusual/harsh acts of penance), expressing disdain toward other Spiritual Communities, and so on, the brethren have access to the Teacher of Righteousness through one of his assistants or to myself. If the brethren truly feel they are being taught heresy, other false or silly/non-essential doctrines or false history, and promoting disunity, they may request a temporary removal from under the individual that was originally appointed as their leader, and in some cases, the individual may be placed within another Spiritual Community if it is practical. These last steps would only take place in the most serious of cases, and most especially if the leader was truly guilty of heresy or pride.

May God bless you,

Mir Garendra
5 April 2017