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Shlama lukh (Peace be unto you)!

On this blog I attempt to share the Message of Light through general articles and studies, help clarify Religion of Light doctrinal beliefs, traditions and practices for both the seasoned believer and the seeker. You will also find links to other sites and resources that I believe can help you learn more about the Religion of Light, develop encouragement and strength, and a better understanding of the Three Pillars.

32c4bbceb32bce19a051bd2404453c35-bpfullI am the third born son of Mir Tarendra. Mir Tarendra is a Manifestation of the Third Messenger which is a Manifestation of the Living Spirit. The Celestial Twins Mahvar and Mehrshad are the first born sons of Mir Tarendra.

If you wish to learn more about the Religion of Light and its beliefs, traditions, practices and history, visit ReligionOfLight.org.

Thank you and may God bless you,