This site is the host for blogs of various faith expressions. Please be aware that blogs on this domain do not necessarily represent the official stand on any particular topic for all spiritual communities affiliated with the “Religion of Light.” The term “religion of light” as used here, is like a roof with many different “denominations” under it, united by various covenants and shared ideals; however, the practices of each spiritual community, or individual members, are often different from one another because of cultures or former religious backgrounds. We use the term “spiritual community” similar to how the phrase “religious denomination” is used by others.

Our Spiritual Communities do not actively seek new members. If you are truly interested in membership in one of the communities, you will need to contact them. To weed out those who are not sincere, there is typically a three to four year or more period of study required before full membership can be offered. The primary purpose of our sites is not to proselytize, but to provide resources for those who are already members.

Neither do our communities solicit donations. Members make free will offerings and alms, but we have a strict policy against non-members making contributions.

New blog requests are not being accepted at this time. If you already have a blog on this network and you need help, send a private message to Brother Jonathan on MeWe.

If you wish to have your own blog or landing page, please contact us.

Before requesting your own blog on this domain, be sure that:

  • You are in good standing with your spiritual community
  • You have a working/valid email address
  • You have some basic blogging skills

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