Glikhuta Meditation for Sunday, 1 May 2016

“Every true gift that is found in your hands is there because of the Father of Light who always gives good gifts.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 4:3 Reflection Do we recognize a gift when we see it? Do we realize that each day that we awaken, it is a gift? Do we truly give … [Read more…]

A Meditation on the Glikhuta Text for Sunday, 13 March 2016

“You have given Your heart, Maran [Our Lord], to Your believers. Never will You be idle, nor will You be without fruits; for one hour of Your faith is more excellent than all days and years.” — Odes of Solomon 3:4,5 Reflection Do I express gratitude for the blessings that the Father of Greatness bestows … [Read more…]

Commemoration of St. Abursam

Today, 25 February, we commemorate the memory of St. Abursam. He is also known as Abursam bar Shabuhr, since his father was Shabuhr. We have very little information on this particular saint, but we do know that he was an early disciple of Mar Mani and was called to be among the first twelve Apostles … [Read more…]

The Singing of Psalms

“He who recites a psalm is like those who weave a beautiful garland, while those who answer after him are like those who put roses in his hands.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 58:3 The Holy Book encourages us to use psalms in our prayers. Psalm 76:7, a quote of Mar Mani, says: “He that … [Read more…]