The life of a real monastic

The words of His Holiness the Teacher of Righteousness:

“A monastic would be expected to pray daily. That is his or her life as a monastic. In addition to his or her duties as a monastic, the disciple is required to fulfil the duties of being one of Yeshua’s Followers.

“We need more brethren devoted to the consecrated life, but not everyone is called by the Divine Mother to this aspect of the faith.

One must truly understand that this lifestyle is not as easy as some might think it is, based on television or films.

“The life of a real monk, nun or hermit, is very demanding and not everyone is cut out for it.

“It takes a great deal of physical and mental strength to cope with the demands of a monastic who is devoted to spiritual warfare. Thus, there should be a review process, and no individual should be admitted that is not ready for it.

“The Bishop and the Abbot should make every effort to ensure that the individual truly is called and ready.”

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