Suggested Reading

  • The Didache. The Didache is also known as the Limuda. The Didache is the teaching of the Apostles to the Gentiles in the first Apostolic Council around 50 CE (AD). This is a large print edition with 16 point type. English. (Also available as a digital download)
  • The Didache: Step by Step. A practical guide leading readers into a deeper understanding of the Didache, showing how to implement its teaching in the student’s day to day lives. By Rabban Mar Andreos. 2017 edition.
  • Speaking the Truth. Consisting of Brief Excerpts Adapted from Various Writings and Talks of Sadhu Sundar Singh the “Emissary of the Bleeding Feet”.
  • The Greater Reality. In this book Rabban +Mar Andreos explores the following topics: Bleeding Out: The Concept of Spiritual Death, Taking Control, The Investment, The Religious Consumer: The Spiritual Black Hole, In the Presence of God, The Reality of Messiah, Listening to the Voice, and more.

Web sites

These are links to sites that are specifically useful for Mshikhanim.

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