They May Answer Any Call

“The Celestial Beings are spread over the whole land so that they may answer any call – for all those who call in sincerity and in truth shall be heard.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 50:3

The Messenger of Light is referred to not only as the Physician but also as the Awakener because he brings with him life giving medicine to awaken the soul from its deep slumber, from a “drunken sleep” in which it has fallen. (See GoM 50:1 and 53:1)

The Messenger tells the soul that in its “hands there is wealth.” (GoM 50:2) This wealth is its inheritance in its original state of being, in the Kingdom of Light where there is full healing and True Medicine.

The Messenger of Light then reminds the soul that there are Celestial Beings “spread over the whole land so that they may answer any call.” (GoM 50:3) The Celestial Beings have been sent down to Earth for the mission of carrying out the Divine Mission of spreading the Call to all souls to awaken from their slumber of death and decay. They have been given the ability to receive our petitions and deliver them to the Great Father in Heaven

(Devotional for 16 February 2016 by Brother Doran)

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