The Path of Light

There is no compromise with those who have a personal commitment to the Religion of Light!

Over the past few years we have been seeing a number of people who were on one occasion faithful and those among other religious groups drawn to the web of deception that is so very widespread in some of the New Age and Pagan movements. We can see people claiming to be “Manichaean”, but these are obviously, once we examine only even a brief portion of their literature and belief structure, only interested in philosophical dialogues and the New Age heresy. There is certainly nothing wrong with learning about the faith and religious beliefs of others, and in fact, all Manichaeans are encouraged to learn about various other religions – even those outside the traditional Maninaye belief structure. This edifies that of our own faith and assists us in sharing the Message of Light with our neighbors who hold to other beliefs.

On the other hand we observe people who have thrust themselves into the camp known as Pluralists where every religion is equal and serve as paths to the same goal. On the surface this sounds like an admirable mission of unity, peace, love and tolerance. Upon further evaluation, however, we see that there is no apparent and special commitment or dedication to the Truth involved!

Manichaeans in different lands face many attacks on their faith by various heretical groups. We have observed several members at a time falling away in favor of a religion that honors all things, all types of immorality, and all types of people no matter what their beliefs consist of.

Our Faith teaches us that there is no “gray” area when it comes to true and pure worship! There are no allowances for people to sit on the fence! A person must give their complete and absolute faith, trust and life to God and to Mir Izgadda and to continue walking the Path of Light and righteousness devoid of indecisiveness. This is true commitment! Either a person is worshiping and serving God in His Way, as outlined in the Three Pillars, or they are not. With commitment comes obligation.

Serving Mir Izgadda means committing oneself or obligating oneself to the responsibility of closely following the teachings that He shares in every generation. Serving Mir Izgadda in His way makes a person a true believer. A true believer does not amalgamate within their faith New Age or Pagan beliefs. No! There is no middle ground when Mir Izgadda is involved. Compromise is what the New Age movement is all about. Compromise of morals and everything else that is opposite of the historical and revealed Religion of Light.

Decontamination and purification is a gradual process and we regularly observe various ones who have fallen away due to a lack of faith. These people have often taken grace of our Lord and turned it into personal gain. We see some individuals who call themselves “Manichaeans” who are doing nothing but seeking acknowledgment from long established Manichaean institutes in order to advance their vile and dangerous philosophies. Such ones are often approaching our organizations through deception and some have been permitted to enter our gates without us being fully aware of their motives. Once that recognition is granted these groups and individuals turn like a lion on the ones who granted them approval or endorsement. They scream at those who legitimately oppose their contemptible ways and claim that we are not being tolerant. Such ones unmistakably have no principles.

Our beloved Prophet and Saint, Mar Mani, under divine instructions, established the Holy Church throughout the world and presented the Path of Light to those who would listen. There was no room for compromise. There was no room for those who wished to mix their heathen religion with that of the Pure Faith. Mar Mani had a mission and he carried it out to his death, testifying to his strong faith in his Lord and his God.

Today our Church needs to continue to awaken and become stimulated! The time is at hand for action! Complacency is not tolerable and will not be accepted on any level! No longer can the Church afford compromise from anyone!

Be faithful to the calling of our Lord Mir Izgadda. Prove to Him that you are faithful. Demonstrate and make obvious your faith publicly, not just privately or in lip service only. Choose who you will serve today! There is no sitting on the fence within the Religion of Light! There are no gray areas with the Lord of Truth!

Love and compassion toward our neighbor does not suggest lack of morals or a lack of clear, doctrine and standards based on the Three Pillars.

There is no compromise with those who have a personal commitment to Mir Izgadda! Now is the time for us to come to the Lord with a contrite heart and to beg for mercy and request Him to cleanse our hearts.

True Manichaeans do not compromise the Truth! Stand up and be counted among the true servants of Mir Izgadda where there is no compromise or complacency!

(The author may have been Br. Doran ? )

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