The Messenger Lifts Up the Fallen

“The Messenger, himself, subdued the great sea and put under his feet the rebels in it; he furthermore sets guards over them to watch them. He lifted up the fallen, healed the wounded, awakened those who were sleeping…” — Gospel of Mar Mani 36:9,10

The Holy Book tells us that the Messenger has “subdued the great sea.” This “sea” is the world itself, and especially the tumultuous sea of confusion that exists among mankind. But, as we are told in the Gospel, he also “put under his feet the rebels in it.”

The Messenger lifts up the fallen, heals the wounded and awakens those who have been sleeping. He reminds those who have forgotten with the Perfect Law of Life, enlightens the eyes of the Righteous, gathers those who have become scattered and have made the poor ones who had been sitting in darkness to shine by way of the Message of Light.

(Devotional for 2 february 2016, by Brother Doran)

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