The Message of Light Continues – The Future is Bright

A Communique from H.H. the Teacher of Light
to all the Children of Light

18 February 2017

Shlama Akhé,

I pray that each of you are doing well.

A few days ago Mar Kharba Awraham made an announcement about new membership applications not being accepted in the Manichaean Church. The closing of the doors to the public officially takes place on 26 February of this year. It is important to understand that this is in no way an indication of the responsibilities of the Elect or Hearers coming to an end, or that the Message of Light would stop being carried to the nations.

The Message of Light has never been about membership, or quotas for numbers in the Church, but rather bringing a message of hope to others, that there is one God that cares about humanity, that He has made a way for humanity to return to Him by worshipping Him alone and by living a virtuous life while on earth, and the members of the Manichaean covenant actively striving after perfection in the Faith. Members of the Manichaean Church must keep this message in their hearts and share it with others as opportunity permits, as well as amongst each other by keeping each other in prayer before our God and assisting in maintaining the faith. The Message of Light continues to be cultivated amongst the membership of the Manichaean Church, and as I said, it must continue being shared with the world. That same message forms a part of every Spiritual Community. It is part of the Call that is referred to in our sacred texts.

All those who have volunteered their time and talents to various projects such as translating sacred texts and letters for the Manichaeans (or other closed communities), publishing and distributing literature, helping others with their inquiries, assisting in the monitoring and maintaining of various websites, and much more – everything you have done, especially to the glory of God above the heavens, is greatly appreciated beyond what can be expressed with words. God knows your work and He knows your hearts.

Several of the brethren in Iran are focusing their attention on assisting Spiritual Communities other than their own while they continue to remain in their original covenant and practise their faith in congregations and in their homes. Certain, individual brothers and sisters, who are determined as being able, have already been asked to serve in different capacities by assisting a spiritual community that is not officially their own. As we have always said, the labourers are few, and this is a time in humanity that we are seeing this become more of a reality. A great deal of focus is currently being placed on three particular Spiritual Communities: Asha, Mshikhani, and the United Brethren. Asha provides the New Mithraic Covenant and what it offers humanity in this last era. Mshikhani provides a gateway to learning and putting into practice the Didache, while at the same time unifying various voices who had once sought membership with the Netzarim, but came too late as that door of membership had closed as well. The United Brethren serve as a model to others for their emphasis on unity of the brotherhood and special devotion to the Living Spirit. These Spiritual Communities have specific missions and guidelines that have been stipulated to their leadership in recent weeks and months. They have the blessing of the Father of Greatness, and guidance of various celestial beings and Divine Messengers.

There are others that are active within their particular covenant community who have been called to serve in special missions, such as assisting individuals, families or entire groups in other religious groups to come to a knowledge of the Light. This is their mission, and it was given to each of them with specific instructions by the Living Spirit, otherwise known as Mir Roshka in the holy books. Not everyone is called to this type of mission, and those who have, a list of names, locations and the group which they are involved with is maintained. The Living Spirit has ensured each of these special missionaries that they would be protected from becoming spiritually unclean from their association with other religious groups while carrying out their mission.

Instead of establishing new, public communities within the Faith, the primary mission at this time is to be placed on sharing the Message of Light with humanity through one of the currently accessible covenants; that is, either through Asha, Mshikhani or United Brethren, the latter being limited to a specific number of brethren at this time. This is not to say that other communities would never be established in the future, for we know that in the very last days of the existence of humanity, that all the Covenants will be combined, and there will be one Spiritual Community in the hands of the Living Spirit. That in itself will be a new community established by Mir Roshka himself. That time is coming. We long for it. We pray for it.

Instead of establishing new communities, it is my wish for you to focus on the formation of societies of the faithful that have specific goals towards unity, study, reverence, youth activities, concentrate your attention on the various sacraments and sacramentals of your particular community, general education on both the basics and the deeper subjects of the Faith, upon monastic institutes and orders, upon prayer, and humanitarian and charitable works.

Whatever Spiritual Community you have been called to, you should be familiar with the covenant of that specific community. You should be living it. You should be an example to your fellow brothers and sisters as to what living the covenant means. If your community is open to the public, you should be able to explain your covenant to those in the world in a way that brings glory to God and honour to the teachings that He has sent to the earth.

The Children of Light must focus on removing prejudices and notions of tribalism amongst themselves, no matter how great or small those prejudices may be. Efforts should be placed on unity within the congregations, focusing on the divine commission of every soul who practises the Religion of Light instead of the frivolous differences that have been the cause of grief and separation. There should be no such prejudices amongst the Children of Light. You can not be a son or daughter of the Kingdom of Light if you are not genuinely working toward true unity. We have said, on numerous occasions, that there is only one tribe, and that is the body of believers in the Religion of Light. Cultural differences are nothing when it comes to the greater ocean of Light that is from the Father. Cultural, tribal, racial and ethnic differences only serve to dissolve any hope of unity when those differences are elevated above the more important things in this lifetime. Do not permit these differences to cause you to be set outside of your covenant.

Within the Religion of Light, worship the One God, be faithful to the Divine Messengers that He has sent to the children of men upon earth, have a working knowledge of the covenant and sacred scriptures of your Spiritual Community along with its principles and traditions, walk in unity with one another and with the Divine Messengers, and you shall be blessed by the Living Spirit.

I wish to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to all the Mirs who have assisted in overseeing the activities of the Manichaean Church, and to Mar Kharba Awraham, the Mebeqqar of the Assembly of Mshikhanim, and administrator for the covenant of the Ashavan brethren, for his inestimable guidance of the flock through all seasons, through peaks and valleys; for our scribes, my brothers and spiritual children Shamon, Petros, Shen Chang, Tenzin Bhikkhu, William Patterson, Professor Char and others for providing their translation skills and in helping spread the Call in their languages and distributing literature around the world. I am ever mindful and appreciative of brethren in South America, Uzbekistan and Indonesia who are busy in the Lord’s work. Each of you remain in my prayers each day. I am thankful to Khati Hannah/Micklereed for assisting with the Thomasine brethren who speak English, and to Akhi Jonathan for his tireless labours with the various publication societies and many other duties. Thanks to Akhi Joseph, the Paqid of the Assembly of Mshikhanim, for his expertise as a scribe and ability to share his experiences as a long-time monastic. I am grateful to Mar David for providing so much whenever called upon – he is truly a faithful servant of our Lord. I thank the Father of Greatness for providing each of you to assist His people in this era. Each of you are very precious to me and your service will never be forgotten.

With the blessing of the Father of Greatness on the various Spiritual Communities and special missions, the Message of Light continues to be carried unto the nations giving those who share it and those who hear it, the hope of a bright future in the Kingdom of Light.

May God bless each of you and keep you in His Light, always.


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