The Final Messenger of Light

Question: Is Mir Tarendra the “final” or last Messenger or will there be others in other eras?

The name “Mir Izgadda” is Syriac and means “the Lord Third Messenger” or “Third Envoy.” With him are many others. He is a manifestation caused by the Will of the Father of Greatness. Within Mir Izgadda are many, possibly countless Manifestations of his own and each of these also have Emanations. It is difficult to explain this fully in human terms. Mir Tarendra is a Manifestation of the Third Messenger. The various sons are, in some cases, Emanations of Mir Tarendra. Sometimes the name “Mir Izgadda” and “Mir Tarendra” are used interchangeably because of their shared responsibilities.

Mir Izgadda is a Manifestation of the Living Spirit, and the Living Spirit is an Manifestation of the Pure Light which is an Emanation from the “essence” of God the Father of Greatness.

To gain a better perspective on the various Divine Messengers and their missions, one needs to have a basic understanding of “worlds,” “eras” and “ages” as understood within Manichaeism. In Manichaean belief there are many worlds other than the one that humans experience. The word “world” is used to convey the thought of a world system (such as planets and celestial systems) and sometimes this word can be used to indicate a time frame for one of these systems. Manichaeans also believe there are many universes – not just the one perhaps known by human beings.

There are long periods of time referred to as “eras.” Then there are “ages”, or shorter multiple periods of time within a single era. Sometimes the word “generation” is used instead of “age.” Depending on the cultural expression of Manichaeism, the terms “worlds,” “eras” and “ages” can be used to indicate the same thing. Context is very important in gaining a proper understanding of these subjects.

The Divine Messenger serves not only the human world, but others as well. With each era there are Divine Messengers and Emanations of the same. Within various ages of those eras, there are also additional Messengers.

There are three main eras referenced in Manichaeism to denote specific periods of time that beings experience in the celestial realms and that humans experience on earth.

  • The First Era consisted of a long period of time when there was a separation of the world of Light and the world of darkness. This era has now passed since the mixing of Light and darkness.
  • Humanity currently lives within the Second Era. This is characterised by Light and darkness being mixed; this took place when Light became trapped or enslaved in a physical body. Revelations speak of humanity currently living within the close of this Second Era. During the Second Era there have been hundreds of Manifestations of the Living Spirit and thousands of Emanations of the various Divine Messengers.
  • Manichaeans look with hope to the Third Era when the Light becomes completely separated from the darkness and when the material world itself will eventually be destroyed. This is a period of time when the soul will return to the Kingdom of Light from which it originated.

We can also think of these three eras as:

  • The World that Was (the era that no longer exists)
  • The World that Is (the era that currently exists)
  • The World that Will Be (the era of the future)

Humans currently exist in the last part or phase of the Second World or Era as mentioned above. Mir Izgadda finalises everything in the Third Era, thus His Divine Presence’s name being “Third Messenger.” So, in this sense he is the final Messenger, but there are other statements that indicate that some of his various Manifestations or Emanations will be present in the various ages until the final culmination of earth’s existence. This is true today. There are many “Mirs” in the New Horizon at this time and each of these are Manifestations and Emanations of His Divine Presence.

Mir Tarendra, whose name means “Lord-Chief of the Stars” can be viewed as one of the final Messengers of the current age. In most cases there are no specific time limits set on the mission of any particular Divine Messenger and in some instances, the same Divine Messenger may be sent to serve in more than one age – for example, Mar Mani the Prophet, who was born in 216 C.E. and once again serves in this modern day period of time.

The second part of the “Prophecy of the Trees” assists in clarifying some of these topics.

6 December 2013
Republished 26 March 2015
Also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

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