The Birth of Mar Mani the Holy Prophet

200px-ManiToday Manichaeans commemorate the birth of Mar Mani. Brethren are encouraged to read the Gospel of Mar Mani (especially Chapters 35-37), along with the Acts of Mar Mani over the next couple of days.

“Out of Paradise has come a Messenger, a Herald from the Kingdom, a Messenger with a dear name, the Chosen of God, the Holy Mani†, the gracious Word!” (Gospel of Mar Mani 35:1)

“At this time, Mais, the wife of Pattiq, was with child. During her time of pregnancy she had visions of an angel taking her unborn child up into the heavens; the angel descended and gently placed the baby back in the womb of Mais a few days later. This occurred on numerous occasions during her pregnancy. Now, it occurred on the fourteenth day of April in the two-hundred and sixteenth year, during the reign of the Parthian King Artaban the Fourth, that the child of Pattiq and Mais was born in Baromia, a small village just south of Baghdad, situated along the Kutha canal.” (Acts of Mar Mani 3:1-2)

“Glory to Maran Mani through the Father, honour to his Elect through the Son, blessing to his Hearers through the Rukha d’Kudsha!” (Gospel of Mar Mani 14:7)

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