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The Light of Sabbath – A Sign of Unity with our Brethren

There are various activities and rituals in our day to day life that can help us remember the need for unity among all of our brethren. In many ways, rituals often tie communities and individuals together, and give a blessed sense of unity among each other, no matter how many miles away the Brethren may be from one another.

Unity should be considered very important for each of us, as it is also taught by our divine instructors. I highly recommend a serious reading of the Eighth Epistle of Mir Garendra from the latest edition of the Holy Book to get a better understanding of the need for unity among the spiritual communities.
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Working During Sabbath

help wanted“How do we deal with the issue of a worldly employer forcing one to work during Sabbath without a choice? What kind of advice can we give new adherents of the Religion of Light?”

This is a dilemma that many of the brethren face in businesses that do not care to understand the religious and cultural aspects of their employees. The employer either is unaware or does not care that persons of the Religion of Light observe a seventh day Sabbath (Saturday).
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