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Why Does God Allow Suffering? Is There a Way Out?

Life in the world is very difficult. No matter if you are rich or poor, life is filled with every sort of pain and suffering. With so much violence, sickness and death in the world, it is no wonder that for ages, people have asked, “Why does God allow suffering?”

Even with all these problems in the world, the Third Messenger of the Manichaean Faith has said there is hope. “The Light of the Father shines even in the darkest of nights so that all those seeking Him in honesty may find Him.”1

Manichaeans believe that human suffering, pain and ailments are attributed to the evil one, and not to God. Manichaeans also believe that God is all-powerful, but at the same time, they believe He is outside time and space. When Manichaeans say that God is outside time and space, this means that God is not associated with the physical world in any way, with the exception of sending His various Messengers to give guidance, teaching and comfort for a better future.
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