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Fossil Fuels and Saving the Environment

earth-world-globeA brother recently asked “How much fossil fuels are actually being burned and since it is part of the world of Matter, should we be very concerned? Is it of great importance that we become champions of saving the environment?”

Dear Brother,

I am happy to respond to your inquiry concerning fossil fuels. An article in a recent issue of Forbes magazine1 says that fossil fuels actually fuel “almost everything we like about modern life: They feed us, warm us, transport us and keep the lights on while powering industry and the Internet.”
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A New World – Old and New Earth


The topics related to the development and locations of the “new earth”, “paradise”, “New Horizon” and the “old earth” spoken of in the Religion of Light can often be confusing if one does not take into consideration that the Third Messenger and the Manichaean Scriptures use these terms to indicate both physical and spiritual realms, and the fact that these terms are often employed both in a metaphorical and literal sense. Then there are other terms such as “Bahisht” which also means “Paradise”, and “Kingdom of Light”, “Celestial Realm”, “Heaven”, and so on. Clarification on these subjects is of the utmost importance when attempting to come to a proper understanding of the religious beliefs of adherents of the Religion of Light.

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