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The Final Messenger of Light

Question: Is Mir Tarendra the “final” or last Messenger or will there be others in other eras?

The name “Mir Izgadda” is Syriac and means “the Lord Third Messenger” or “Third Envoy.” With him are many others. He is a manifestation caused by the Will of the Father of Greatness. Within Mir Izgadda are many, possibly countless Manifestations of his own and each of these also have Emanations. It is difficult to explain this fully in human terms. Mir Tarendra is a Manifestation of the Third Messenger. The various sons are, in some cases, Emanations of Mir Tarendra. Sometimes the name “Mir Izgadda” and “Mir Tarendra” are used interchangeably because of their shared responsibilities.
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Mar Mani the Prophet and Servant of the Third Messenger

marmani-frontMani was the Bringer of Light after his birth nearly 1,800 years ago, as he is today, in cooperation with the Third Messenger.

Mani is a receptacle of the Light and explains to his disciples the various aspects of the Body of Law (Dhammakaya, Manikaya) for each of the spiritual communities of the Religion of Light.
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