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Study Questions for TMI 73

Sharing with Others (Scripture Reading: Teaching of Mir Izgadda 73:1-3)

1. In the very first verse, what does Mir Izgadda tell us not to do? Explain this verse in further detail.

2. What divine commandment can we find in the latter part of the first verse? Compare this with what Maran Yisho said in the 28th chapter of the Gospel of Mar Mattai.
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“Paying Close Attention to What You Have Heard”

“Remaining calm in all situations, enduring wrongs brought against you, and not being quick to anger, this, my beloved children, is the eighth virtue: Patience.” (Apostolic Letter of Mar Mani Khaila on the Twelve Virtues)

All adherents of the Religion of Light, regardless of their particular spiritual community, have great respect and deep reverence for the teachings of the Divine Messengers. The words of the blessed Messengers are not like those of ordinary human beings among the philosophers or religious leaders. Their words are like precious jewels that are priceless in value. For this reason we must pay close attention to their words, apply their teaching to every aspect of our lives, be patient in understanding and open to correction.
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“Their Feet are Shuffling in the Sand”

Gradually Sharing the Message of Light with Seekers


“Never hide your love of God within a crevice at the bottom of a mountain, share it with others. Each one of the Hearers and each of the Elect are charged with the responsibility of sharing the Message of Light with others.” (TMI 73:1, 2)

Due to the urgency of the era in which we live, and the grave importance of the Message of Light, it is very important that we have a greater involvement, if at all possible, in the sharing of that blessed Message with everyone we come in contact.
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