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Study Questions for TMI 53

Weekly Studies for the Week of 1 March 2015

Materialism (Scripture reading: TMI 53:1-7)

1. Having material gain as one’s central goal in life is how most people in the world think. What does Mir Izgadda encourage instead?

2. Expand on the metaphorical expression that His Divine Presence gives us concerning washing the eyes and materialism. (See also vs 6)

3. What are the only two things that will exist eternally?

4. What is the greatest treasure of the believer, and why?

5. Is your previous service with properly presenting the Message of Light taken into consideration by the Living Spirit when you die?

6. Why is it better to have little money than gross amounts?

7. Expand on the words of His Divine Presence (in vs 7) concerning simplicity, pride, faith and clothing.

Is Owning Material Possessions Wrong?

coins, moneyShlama lukh,

A brother asked me, “I own what is considered a fine home in the U.S. and one in Mexico and a number of cars. Is it wrong of me to have these things.”

His Divine Presence Mir Izgadda once said, “Owning many possessions is not a sin as long as you do not worship those possessions, and as long as you know how to use them properly. If materialism is a vice, then your possessions could very well act as a weight around your neck, causing you to drown in the world of chaos and rebirth.
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