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Participating in Various Charities

soup-bowls“If beings are in need, and you are able to provide for them, help them with giving, whether this is in the form of food, money or time and energy. Practice tolerance, O sons and daughters of Light, toward those who do not know or those who have difficulty understanding the Precepts. Practice justice towards all living beings with loving kindness and compassion…. Be faithful in your promises, do as you have said you will according to your ability. When giving to others, in whatever form of charity it may be, do it with great resolution, to the best of your ability and do not expect to receive anything in return for your gifts of kindness and compassion. (Ajahn Jyoti)”

Question: Should Manichaeans participate in food distribution services for the needy, like food banks and clothing distributions, if such activities take place at other religious institutions (such as at Christian churches or Sikh places of worship)?
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