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The Manichaean View of Astrology and Magic

zodiac-pdJohn and his wife Barbara1 decided to begin spending more quality time together. They decided to go out for a nice dinner and to leave their two children, ages nine and twelve, with a baby sitter each Friday evening.

After a couple of months, the mother realised there were some very new and unpleasant behavioural issues taking place with both of her children. After discussing the problem with her husband, the parents discovered the baby sitter had been entertaining the children with the use of a Ouija board and a board game that used cards to consult with spirits. Upon asking the baby sitter about this, she told the parents she thought it was only a game, that she did not see any harm in it and that she and her friends did this all the time when they were bored. She also told the parents that they had been using a social network to play a fortune telling game and that the children enjoyed it because it kept them occupied.
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