St. Eustathius Monastery to Send Blankets to Syria

St. Eustathius Monastery in cooperation with the Brothers of St. Aphtonius, Order of Lady Julia of Antioch (Sisters of St. Julia) and the Petruné Hemanuta (Order of the Defenders of Truth) collected new and used blankets and quilts beginning Friday afternoon and on into Saturday for charity.

The blankets will be sent to as many as possible in Syria who are in need due to extreme temperatures as well as adverse conditions due to political strife. The effort was sponsored in part by the Maninaye Khaganate under H.R.H. Khagan Tengri II.

Sister Şebnem Omid and the sisters with the Order of Lady Julia of Antioch in Tehran assisted in cleaning and preparing the blankets for shipment.

Some of the Brethren in Turkey and Iran voiced their concerns that they were financially unable to send blankets. In a Twitter update, Sister Şebnem said, “If you’re not in a position to send blankets and other supplies to Syria, you are always in a position to pray for their well being.”

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