Religion of Light Highlights for Wednesday 18 January 2017

The Sabbath message from the Teacher of Light was released today. The brethren received instructions to read the message on this coming Sabbath (21 January 2017) or the following Sunday.

You can click here to read the Teacher of Light’s “Epistle to All Assemblies of the Religion of Light”. An adapted edition for the Asha community is available here.

Akhi Scribe Shamon posted the Manichaean Holy Book Readings for today. The text can be read here. The Spanish translation is available here.

Today is Scribes Day, a special day set aside to give thanks to God for our few scribes. Happy Scribes Day to all the scribes in the Assemblies!

The Temple sent out a news release that a special synod or conference is being appointed to oversee the various Religion of Light Spiritual Communities. You can read the news release here: Synod of the Religion of Light Being Appointed.

Sister Micklè shared the Aurayta Reading for today in the Tree of Life group (used by the Netzarim) and also in the group used by Thomasines.

Mar Kharba Awraham shared a text from the eighth chapter of the Tablet of the Perfecting Spirit (an Asha sacred text). One of the verses reads: “The civilization rooted in anything other than obedience to God, can only fall and become an ill-fated memory.” You can read more here.

The Maethana Asha released the Asha Book of Prayer. It is available in print, coil bound at a very modest price. Purchase your copy by going here.

Mar Kharba Awraham shared an encouraging message concerning brotherly and sisterly love within the Religion of Light. “We are One Tribe in the eyes of God and this must be fully understood by all Children of Light.” (extract)

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The following are some Facebook groups that you might be interested in. These are managed by various brethren who represent different Spiritual Communities in the Religion of Light.