Religion of Light Highlights for Thursday 19 January 2017

Akhi Shamon shared the Manichaean Holy Book readings for today. If you haven’t already read these passages, you can access them in English here, and in Spanish here.

Khati Micklè shared the Scripture readings for Thomasines here and for Netzarim here.

Mar Kharba Awraham posted a meditation for Ashavan at this link. “All that is not Zurvan, is the Divine Mother and the Celestial Son.” (extract)

As a reminder, the Sabbath message from the Teacher of Light was released today. The brethren received instructions to read the message on this coming Sabbath (21 January 2017) or the following Sunday. You can click here to read the Teacher of Light’s “Epistle to All Assemblies of the Religion of Light”. An adapted edition for the Asha community is available here.

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The following are some Facebook groups that you might be interested in. These are managed by various brethren who represent different Spiritual Communities in the Religion of Light.