A Meditation on the Glikhuta Text for Sunday, 15 January 2017

“As the sun is the joy of them who seek its daybreak, so is my joy the Lord; because He is my Sun, and His rays have lifted me up; and His light has dismissed all darkness from my face. — Odes of Solomon 14:1,2

As the author of this Ode says, with the joy we find in the daybreak, giving thanks to God for the rising of the sun, our joy is heightened even more in the One who brings forth the light of the day.

It is the Light of God that removes all falsehoods, and exposes evil works of those who do not serve the Father of Greatness.
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The Godhead and the Divine Source

The Third Messenger on the Subject of the Godhead and the Divine Source (A Third Pillar Text)

The Godhead consists of the Father, the Mother and the Son. The Godhead is another term for the divine, celestial rulership. The Godhead is not the same as the One True God, of which only the Father of Greatness is accorded such a title and position.

The Supreme God, which is the Divine Source, is the Father and He alone is the One True God. He delegates His authority to the Son and to the Mother, and to other beings, according to the Will of the Father.
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Missions to Other Religions

The Third Messenger on Missions to Other Religions (a Third Pillar Text)

I have spoken on the importance of not touching that which is unclean in the various false religions in the world. There are, however, occasions which I give some of the adherents of the Religion of Light a mission which necessitates an entry to a religion that has traditionally not been aligned with the Religion of Light.

I appoint certain ones from among the sons of men to carry out such a mission so that they may bring innocent souls out of those religions and into the flock of light. I give my promise that those sent on such missions will not be touched by the darkness, so long as they are mindful of the Light from which they originated, for I will cause them to remember the Pillars, the Commandments and the Precepts in the covenant in which they had been called.
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Divine Gnosis in the Afterlife

The Third Messenger on Divine Gnosis in the Afterlife (A Third Pillar Text)

(Much of this text already appears in the Teaching book)

Everyone has the opportunity to learn righteousness and to seek the Light after the shedding of the physical body, including Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, Muslims and others.

They are presented with the glorious Message of Truth and they must make a decision at that time.
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Homily: Filling Our Lives with Godly Activities

Filling Our Lives with Godly Activities

In today’s homily, we are going to be examining various topics pointed out in the 23rd verse of the 19th chapter of the Acts of Mar Mani. In this verse, there are five topics outlined.

Specifically, these are:

1) Alms-giving for forgiveness of sins;
2) the Meal of the Holy Table;
3) the Seventh Day for resting;
4) reading the Holy Scriptures; and
5) translating and copying the Scriptures

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