Nawruz Blessings – A Time of Renewal


We all should feel very blessed to know that we are living in this very critical era of humanity’s existence; we are blessed because we know that through the Living Spirit, the Father has chosen each of us to share the Message of Light with others for the liberation of their and our own souls.

It is a privilege to be among fellow brothers and sisters, working shoulder to shoulder, with one another, in the ministry of Light as each of us take our commission to teach seriously.

May each of us be more diligent in preaching about the Name of the Father of Greatness and that of His Divine Presence; may we never forget that Mir Izgadda and Mar Mani Khaila are with us every day in our work. Let’s never take that for granted.

May all the Brethren have a blessed Nawruz and may this be an occasion of renewed effort on our part to do more this year in sharing the Good Message.

20 March 2015

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