Missions to Other Religions

The Third Messenger on Missions to Other Religions (a Third Pillar Text)

I have spoken on the importance of not touching that which is unclean in the various false religions in the world. There are, however, occasions which I give some of the adherents of the Religion of Light a mission which necessitates an entry to a religion that has traditionally not been aligned with the Religion of Light.

I appoint certain ones from among the sons of men to carry out such a mission so that they may bring innocent souls out of those religions and into the flock of light. I give my promise that those sent on such missions will not be touched by the darkness, so long as they are mindful of the Light from which they originated, for I will cause them to remember the Pillars, the Commandments and the Precepts in the covenant in which they had been called.

I know those whom I have called to enter the missions that I am sending them. Some I have sent into the Catholic churches, others into the Methodist churches, and yet others into the Mormon churches. Each is sent according to their calling by the very Will of the Divine Source.

I have made a special and unique covenant with the individuals and families which I have called for these particular missions. They shall not be judged nor shall they be criticized for being obedient to their calling.

Such individuals are registered in the Central Temple by name, according to the record which I provide. No one should be presumptuous or make assumptions that he or she has been called into a mission, without having already been confirmed by the Central Temple. Individuals do not choose a mission, rather, they are called by me and if they are faithful in that calling, they shall be blessed immensely.