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Chaplet of Light

Chaplet of Light

In meditation and in prayer, we commune with the Father of Greatness, with the Divine Mother and with the Blessed Son/Living Spirit, Yisho of Splendour, Mir Izgadda and a number of celestial beings. However, there is a difference between meditation and prayer. While prayer is the praise, thanksgiving and petition of the heavens, meditation is a special stillness, or quietness that affords us a longer period of time, in solitude with our Lord. Meditation that is related to our Glikhuta text is also contemplative, where we focus on a specific text and permit ourselves to come to the realization of the presence of our Teacher of Light Mar Mani Khaila.

Mar Mani Khaila once said, “When in proper meditation we enter through a door that permits us to experience a deeper spirituality that is beyond human understanding, and a stronger connection with the Divine. It can be cleansing to the soul — removing the dross of day to day life, and purifying to the mind. Meditation is a gateway of Light. Meditate daily.”

Mar Mani Khaila said that “proper meditation” means “not permitting the mind to wander, or become distracted by random thoughts or by external surroundings.” This is important, especially if we live in an area where traffic can be heard even through closed windows, or people laughing and talking loud. We must be able to tune such noises out, in order to enter that “gateway of Light” which Mar Mani spoke of. For some, this might require going out into the wilderness, if it is a safe alternative.

We read in the Epistle of Mar Mani to Mar Ammo, “Likewise, in this era of darkness, the purest among the denavars should vouchsafe his rest in pious meditation and collect merit on a regular basis.” (2:3) A denavar is one whose piety is deeply rooted in purity, serious devotion and whose thoughts are always upon God and walking in righteousness as far as possible within a human body. A marginal note in the Holy Book says that the term “rest” indicates that a person secures his spiritual rest by sitting, and means sitting down and being quiet by removing the mind from distractions.

He also recently referred to the Chaplet of Light as “a daily instrument that can lead one upon the path of Light into the presence of the Divine if used appropriately. Truly the Chaplet of Light, which is a gift from the Living Spirit, is a gateway of Light for your meditation and contemplation.”

Additionally, we read in the Teaching of Mir Izgadda, “Do not neglect the practice of repentance, prayer, meditation, contemplation and study. These, my children, will lead you to perfection.” (79:3)


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