Let Us Strengthen Ourselves

“There is nothing at all that is free from suffering which will rest at its end; even the very seed that is sown finds no way to live unless it dies, but through its death it lives and gives life as well.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 55:7

Everything that exists, everything that is living, suffers. Whether it is human, lower animals or even plant life, all suffer. However, we must remember the fact that we are not alone in our pain and agony throughout our existence on this earth.

Let us ever recall to mind that the Divine Messengers have suffered with us and continue to do so. Because of their experiences they can also help us in such difficult times. It is very important that we fellowship with one another in whatever manner is available to us, and share our experiences so that we can lift one another up, in good and bad times.

Our Holy Book encourages us to “strengthen ourselves” because “the Rest has come to us that may receive the blessing of all these things” because eventually we will “dwell together in the glorious Land of Light.” In the Land of Light, “there is no hater, no enemy… but it is peace and joy and life for evermore.” We take courage in this promise and know without a doubt that “the Bridegroom is at hand.” (GoM 55:8-10)

(Devotional for 22 February 2016 by Br. Doran)

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