In Union with Our Lord

“For the soul to come into perfect union with me, one must practise the Twelve Virtues with an honest heart and with honest hands.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 77:4

A perfect unity with the Lord Mir Izgadda means that we must strive diligently to practice the Twelve Virtues. Those Virtues are also connected with the Commandments and the Precepts of the Religion of Light. These lead to an outward and inward practice of the Five Perfections.

Mar Mani Khaila, in his Apostolic Letter of 20 October 2013, said, “The practice of these twelve virtues with these additional qualities, my children, will bring you to perfection and you will realise liberation… When you have perfected these virtues you are ready to meet the Blessed Teacher on the other shore.”

May each one of us help each other in striving for perfect unity with our Lord and observing his teachings, so that we may be made worthy to stand before him in the Kingdom of Light.

(Devotional for 4 February 2016, by Brother Isaiah)

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