Four Saints Added to Universal Manichaean Calendar

On Friday morning, the Mother Church in Iran announced that four additional saints had been added to the official Manichaean calendar for universal observance. Spokesman Brother Michael stated, “These four saints have been commemorated by the brethren here in the Middle East, but Mar Mani Khaila has requested that they should be observed universally — that is, by all Manichaeans residing in any land.”

The four names of these saints are taken from psalms and liturgical texts of the Church.

  • St. Darius of Spain (hermit and disciple of St. Mark of Memphis)
  • St. Baruch d’Marcus (disciple of St. Mark of Memphis; brother of St. Sebastian d’Marcus*, martyr)
  • St. Sebastian d’Marcus (disciple of St. Mark of Memphis; brother of St. Baruch d’Marcus*, martyr)
  • St. Hardar (convert from Zoroastrianism, an early disciple of Mar Mani)

Brother Michael said that the “Mother Church is encouraging the brethren in the Western lands to begin commemorations of these particular holy ones in the months of March and April.” Additional information will be made available concerning each of these saints.

* The name “d’Marcus” (meaning “of Marcus” or “of Mark”) was added to these brothers’ names to distinguish them from other saints with similar given names. It is in reference to the fact that they were under the spiritual guidance of Mar Marcus of Memphis.

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