Divine Gnosis in the Afterlife

The Third Messenger on Divine Gnosis in the Afterlife (A Third Pillar Text)

(Much of this text already appears in the Teaching book)

Everyone has the opportunity to learn righteousness and to seek the Light after the shedding of the physical body, including Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, Muslims and others.

They are presented with the glorious Message of Truth and they must make a decision at that time.

It is much easier for a soul to accept the Truth after death than it is while bound in chains (the physical body and attachments) on the earth.

Many who used to lead such evil and dark lives while in the human shell have turned to righteousness in the presence of the celestial beings teaching them. There are some of course that have already been judged for various reasons, as has already been stated in other messages.

Only the Father of Greatness, in those cases, would be able to make a decision on their individual fate after death.