Commemoration of St. Aurades Kapelos

orange-flowerToday, Manichaeans observe the commemoration of Aurades Kapelos. We have a special prayer commemorating this saint, with the link below. Aurades Kapelos, or more properly, “Aurades bar Kapelos”, is referred to in the Manichaean Scriptures as “one of his disciples” — that is, a disciple of Mar Mani.

Aurades is mentioned twice in the main text of the Manichaean Holy Book of Light, at least through the eighth edition. You will find Aurades’ name in the Acts of Mar Mani, in the 11th chapter, verse 6. He is mentioned again by name in the 24th verse. In the first occurrence of his name, we see where he requested two Manis, saying “O please, our Lord, give us two Manis who resemble yourself and come down like you.”

Why would Aurades make such a request? He said to Mar Mani, “While one Mani will stay with us like you, the other Mani can go to Shapur the king, while his mind is being taught by the preaching of the Truth to him.” (vs 8). In previous verses we read that King Shapur had requested Mar Mani’s presence numerous times. Due to Shapur’s many requests, Mar Mani was unable to spend as much time with his disciples as they would have preferred.

This is typical of the disciples of Mar Mani Khaila today. With his many responsibilities within all the various spiritual communities of the Religion of Light, sometimes we might feel left out if he has not spoken to our own community in a while. Eventually, some of us might even develop a form of jealousy toward one or more of the other spiritual communities, or we may feel slighted at times.

If we start to develop these feelings, we need only remind ourselves that Mar Mani Khaila, being united in spirit with that of the Third Messenger, is always with us. His teachings are with us and can serve as reminders of his presence and of his love for all his disciples.

Commemoration of St. Aurades bar Kapelos

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