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Receive the news “simultaneously”?

book-146504_640In the first edition of the Manichaean Holy Book of Light, in the Karuzuta d’Mar Mani 85:2, we read: “Then will the Lord Mithra (the Third Messenger) come from the Vehicle of the Sun to the combined region, and a Shout will be raised, and in the Moon and in the Zodiac and the Stars a great Sign will become manifest and the whole world will receive the news simultaneously.”

There is a problem with this verse as has been pointed out by His Divine Presence. The main difference is the very last part of the verse. Greenlees’ edition and the 1st Ed. of the Holy Book says: “the whole world will receive the news simultaneously.” His Divine Presence has indicated that “The Karazuta does not give the thought that every person on earth would, at that time, ‘receive this news’ at the exact same time, but over a period of time.”
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