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Study Questions for TMI 73

Sharing with Others (Scripture Reading: Teaching of Mir Izgadda 73:1-3)

1. In the very first verse, what does Mir Izgadda tell us not to do? Explain this verse in further detail.

2. What divine commandment can we find in the latter part of the first verse? Compare this with what Maran Yisho said in the 28th chapter of the Gospel of Mar Mattai.
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Study Questions for TMI 15

A Covenant for All Humankind

1 Liberation of the soul is not dependent on membership in any religious group or church.

2 Liberation is achieved through the worship of the One God, acceptance of His Divine Messenger, and cultivation of the Twelve Virtues and Holy Commandments.

3 Worship the One God who is outside of time and creation; abandon idolatry.

4 Accept the Divine Messenger sent by God and the pure teaching.
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Study Questions for GoM 2

1 Now, after many ages, Matter was divided against itself, and its fruits against each other; Matter became disorderly, and it produced and increased, and kept emanating many powers.

2 So then, having increased, it pushed on, not fully knowing the existence of the Good; and when the war had begun, and some were chasing while others were being chased, as it rose up more and more, it saw both the earth and the Light of the Good; in the course of conflict the darkness passed beyond its own boundaries.
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Study Questions for TMI 69

Study Questions for the Teaching of Mir Izgadda, Chapter 69

On the Priority of Current Revelations
1 While the Creator is unchanging, He provides a ray of His Light in a manifestation for the need of the moment.

2 He continues to offer the opportunity for humanity to take in knowledge that was not manifested in earlier times.

3 Relying on a previous revelation without regard to what He teaches in each generation afterwards is not befitting of a soul which desires to develop in the Way of the Father.
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