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Study Questions for TMI 73

Sharing with Others (Scripture Reading: Teaching of Mir Izgadda 73:1-3)

1. In the very first verse, what does Mir Izgadda tell us not to do? Explain this verse in further detail.

2. What divine commandment can we find in the latter part of the first verse? Compare this with what Maran Yisho said in the 28th chapter of the Gospel of Mar Mattai.
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Study Questions for TMI 15

A Covenant for All Humankind

1 Liberation of the soul is not dependent on membership in any religious group or church.

2 Liberation is achieved through the worship of the One God, acceptance of His Divine Messenger, and cultivation of the Twelve Virtues and Holy Commandments.

3 Worship the One God who is outside of time and creation; abandon idolatry.

4 Accept the Divine Messenger sent by God and the pure teaching.
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How to Establish a Study Group (booklet)

Studying the Scriptures and various other texts provided by the Temple of the Religion of Light is highly encouraged, and in fact, is a tradition of our Religion, which means it is a way of life for us. Some basic information is provided by the Temple concerning the setting up of a study group. What I am endeavouring to do here is provide some additional information for those new to this concept and who wish to set up a study group in their home or other place.

Download the free booklet How to Establish a Study Group from the Manichaean Publication Society.