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Question About Females in Positions of Leadership in the Church

It appears that among the few clergy that are within the Manichaean Church, and the Religion of Light in general, there are very few females. Are there any positions of leadership within the Church that females would be forbidden? I’ve never heard of a female on the board of Elect Intercessors. What about the Manichaean commandment to respect all genders?

That is a very good question. This is another one of those cultural aspects of various communities. Individual spiritual communities are permitted to have a certain level of freedom when it comes to expressing the Holy Faith within their culture. Some cultures are more patriarchal than others (most I would venture to say).
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Question About Sex Before Marriage

I heard that some Manichaeans believe that when two people engage in sex, they are automatically married – even if this is not the norm for the current laws of the couple’s land. Do Manichaeans believe that sex causes a couple to be married, or should sex come after a religious and/or civil authority grant marriage?

The issue of sexual relations before or after an authorised marriage officiant is largely connected with cultures. The Religion of Light does not wish to change a culture’s stand on any particular issues unless of course those issues are in contradiction to the Holy Teachings.
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The Final Messenger of Light

Question: Is Mir Tarendra the “final” or last Messenger or will there be others in other eras?

The name “Mir Izgadda” is Syriac and means “the Lord Third Messenger” or “Third Envoy.” With him are many others. He is a manifestation caused by the Will of the Father of Greatness. Within Mir Izgadda are many, possibly countless Manifestations of his own and each of these also have Emanations. It is difficult to explain this fully in human terms. Mir Tarendra is a Manifestation of the Third Messenger. The various sons are, in some cases, Emanations of Mir Tarendra. Sometimes the name “Mir Izgadda” and “Mir Tarendra” are used interchangeably because of their shared responsibilities.
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Is Owning Material Possessions Wrong?

coins, moneyShlama lukh,

A brother asked me, “I own what is considered a fine home in the U.S. and one in Mexico and a number of cars. Is it wrong of me to have these things.”

His Divine Presence Mir Izgadda once said, “Owning many possessions is not a sin as long as you do not worship those possessions, and as long as you know how to use them properly. If materialism is a vice, then your possessions could very well act as a weight around your neck, causing you to drown in the world of chaos and rebirth.
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