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Synod of the Religion of Light Being Appointed

On January 17, His Holiness the Teacher of Light conveyed the following to Mar David Shir, Mar Kharba Awraham and the Worldwide Organizational Committee.

1) He spoke of the importance of a General Synod or Conference being established in order to assist in guiding the Religion of Light as a whole (all Spiritual Communities). He stated that it needs to consist of individuals with knowledge of current events in the various Communities and who are “on the ground”, in other words not necessarily individuals in Terra Nova, Amarna or one of the other semi-celestial worlds. His Holiness said, “This is in preparation of things to come.”
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Four Saints Added to Universal Manichaean Calendar

On Friday morning, the Mother Church in Iran announced that four additional saints had been added to the official Manichaean calendar for universal observance. Spokesman Brother Michael stated, “These four saints have been commemorated by the brethren here in the Middle East, but Mar Mani Khaila has requested that they should be observed universally — that is, by all Manichaeans residing in any land.”
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Statement on the Pope’s Recognition of Palestinian Entity

Earlier this month (May 2015), the Pope met with Palestinian officials at the Vatican. Establishing a treaty between the Catholic Church and the Palestinian government.

This treaty officially “recognizes” the state of Palestine as part of a deal that relates to Catholic interests in Palestinian populated areas. But history tells us a that, originally, there was no land called “Palestine”. It was as a response to the Jewish uprising of the people of Judea, seeking to be free of Roman occupation.
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