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Epistle to All Assemblies of the Religion of Light – 15 January 2017

This message from the Teacher of Light is to be read in all congregations and study groups on the Sabbath of 21 January 2017, or the following Sunday.

To all the brethren, peace be unto each of you.

It is my prayer that each of you had a blessed holy day experience within your particular covenant recently and that you have already begun to experience the blessing of the presence of God in your life with the beginning of the new year.

I wish to take this opportunity to share a brief, yet encouraging word that I sincerely pray will assist in adding to the spiritual strength that you already maintain.
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Today in the Church – Manichaeans Observe Second Proclamation of Mani’s Prophethood

Today, or this evening, Manichaeans will recall the events that took place with the Paraclete’s visit with Mar Mani and the second proclamation of Mar Mani’s Prophethood.

“The spirit, whose name was Yisho, taught Mani that he should avoid sensual misconduct and dedicate himself to prayer, fasting, study, and virtuous living, that when Mani came of age, the Twin would instruct him further. This would not occur until Mani had reached twenty-four years of age.” (Acts of Mar Mani 4:6)

“Even before his proclamation of prophethood, he was teaching those who sought him out concerning the Divine Mysteries. It was in these early days that Mani developed his first followers.” (AMM 5:12)

“On the twentieth day of March in the two-hundred and fortieth year, at the age of twenty-four, Mani again received a visitation from the Paraclete.
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Mar Mani the Prophet and Servant of the Third Messenger

marmani-frontMani was the Bringer of Light after his birth nearly 1,800 years ago, as he is today, in cooperation with the Third Messenger.

Mani is a receptacle of the Light and explains to his disciples the various aspects of the Body of Law (Dhammakaya, Manikaya) for each of the spiritual communities of the Religion of Light.
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