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19 killed in U.S. floods, 1,100 killed in India

At least 19 people died during the month of May when massive floods overtook certain areas in the U.S. states of Texas and Oklahoma. A feature in the June 8, 2015 issue of Time magazine, at least 1,100 lives were lost in India “as a brutal heat wave continued to blister the country.” The magazine says that some of the roads were even melting in New Delhi.  Temperatures soared at near 122 degrees (50 C).

Some may be wondering if such calamities are caused by God. Some often ask, “Why does God allow suffering?” Maybe you have contemplated whether or not natural disasters are the status quo. If you have asked these and similar questions, you are not alone.
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Keeping the Study of the Holy Book as a Priority


In a recent Communiqué, H.H. Mar Mani Khaila said “Akhi Shamon is doing a very good job at publishing the daily readings on a regular basis.” Akhi Shamon posts the Lectionary readings each day in English and Spanish and it is greatly appreciated.

The Arkhegos is encouraging the brethren to keep the study of the Holy Book as a priority in their lives, reading from it daily. To assist in this endeavour, he commissioned some brethren to start a weekly devotional package that contains the various readings, a weekly lesson and so on in print and digital format.
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Sharing the Teaching of His Divine Presence

teachings-mir-izgadda-mar-mani-combinedAny month is appropriate for sharing the Teachings of Mir Izgadda and Mar Mani book with anyone who is interested in learning more about the Manichaean faith as it is expressed in today’s world. It is the most authoritative Manichaean text available in the modern world covering some topics not available in our Scriptures from previous eras.
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Studies for May 2014

highlight-study-enFor the month of May, our congregations, individual brothers and sisters, and manistans (monasteries) should begin studying the letter “A New World – Old and New Earth”. At the conclusion of the reading of the letter there are questions that can be asked. If in a congregation or class room setting, these can be asked by an appointed brother or sister, after which someone in the congregation or class can raise their hand to indicate they wish to respond.
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