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Keeping the Study of the Holy Book as a Priority


In a recent Communiqué, H.H. Mar Mani Khaila said “Akhi Shamon is doing a very good job at publishing the daily readings on a regular basis.” Akhi Shamon posts the Lectionary readings each day in English and Spanish and it is greatly appreciated.

The Arkhegos is encouraging the brethren to keep the study of the Holy Book as a priority in their lives, reading from it daily. To assist in this endeavour, he commissioned some brethren to start a weekly devotional package that contains the various readings, a weekly lesson and so on in print and digital format.
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Conquering the Darkness by Standing Together


In some areas of the world, people are experiencing the Autumn season. As the leaves change colours and fall to the ground in those areas, I think of those in our various communities who lack in strength in these tumultuous times. I pray for all of our brethren who suffer in one form or another, whether persecuted by those who despise the Light, or because of loneliness or financial woes or because of physical illnesses.

I pray that the Father of Greatness, in His great mercy, continues to send comfort and aid to our brethren in all places in the earth. I pray that Mir Izgadda, blessed be His name, provides solace to all those who are His disciples.
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The Beginning of Birth Pangs

All types of diseases and plagues are running rampant throughout various countries. Ebola, enterovirus (common in South America, now becoming prevalent in the U.S.), water contamination and so on. Many places in the world still remain without proper amounts of food and water (or food at all); innocent children and others are dying in war zones (Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc).

Maran Yeshua (Isho) said, “You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars…For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.”

In the Religion of Light we know that the Light that has existed in the world is diminishing. We know that the celestial beings that have been protecting humanity from destroying itself are now gradually ascending from earth’s atmosphere and returning to their original Home. Religion of Light adherents also know that when the world becomes more dim, the more violence, sickness and “natural disasters” occur.
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How Do Manichaeans View the Current Conflict with Israel?

flagsIn a few words, since Manichaeans strive to follow the Third Messenger’s revelations and thoughts concerning all things in life, they are interested in what He has to say about Israel, the Jews, and Zionism in general.

His Divine Presence has expressed his thoughts that the Jewish people who remain in covenant with Yahweh (for example, following the Torah as closely as possible), are in Yahweh’s favour and as such, their country/land is to be protected — and if it takes war to do it, then so be it. God has instructed that war be carried out against enemies in the past and will continue to do so.
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