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The Message of Light Continues – The Future is Bright

A Communique from H.H. the Teacher of Light
to all the Children of Light

18 February 2017

Shlama Akhé,

I pray that each of you are doing well.

A few days ago Mar Kharba Awraham made an announcement about new membership applications not being accepted in the Manichaean Church. The closing of the doors to the public officially takes place on 26 February of this year. It is important to understand that this is in no way an indication of the responsibilities of the Elect or Hearers coming to an end, or that the Message of Light would stop being carried to the nations.
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Epistle to All Assemblies of the Religion of Light – 15 January 2017

This message from the Teacher of Light is to be read in all congregations and study groups on the Sabbath of 21 January 2017, or the following Sunday.

To all the brethren, peace be unto each of you.

It is my prayer that each of you had a blessed holy day experience within your particular covenant recently and that you have already begun to experience the blessing of the presence of God in your life with the beginning of the new year.

I wish to take this opportunity to share a brief, yet encouraging word that I sincerely pray will assist in adding to the spiritual strength that you already maintain.
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Applying and Committing the Scriptures to Memory

“Regarding the Holy Book: read it, study it and apply its wisdom in your life.” (TMI 32:10)

Some brethren have asked, “How can I read the Holy Book and make its message real for myself?”

The genuine study and real application of the Holy Writings of our various communities is one step in learning about the faith, what is required of us individually, and how we live our lives within the covenant that we have been called.
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Replace Anger with Compassion

angerDear brothers, Shlama,

Many of you have asked why anger arises and how can it be controlled.

“Do not permit your anger to get the best of you and in turn cause a stumbling block to be placed before your brother or your enemy… If someone expresses anger toward you, always speak with kind words with him.” (Teachings of Mir Izgadda 22:4; 87:1)
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Three Poisons of the Evil One

“Three Poisons of the Evil One”

9 December 2013

Dear Brethren, Shlama lukh.

All humanity is marked as either being righteous or unrighteous according to the divine standard. There are two masters, brethren, one of the Light and one of the darkness. Il’Ya is the King of the Light, while the evil one is the king of darkness. There are those who serve God and those who serve the evil one.

The beloved Prophet Mani said, “There are two Sources – God and Matter, Light and darkness, Good and evil – in all ways quite opposite, for they share nothing with each other, God being good and having nothing in common with evil. ” (Karuzuta d’Mar Mani 1:1)
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