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In Union with Our Lord

“For the soul to come into perfect union with me, one must practise the Twelve Virtues with an honest heart and with honest hands.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 77:4

A perfect unity with the Lord Mir Izgadda means that we must strive diligently to practice the Twelve Virtues. Those Virtues are also connected with the Commandments and the Precepts of the Religion of Light. These lead to an outward and inward practice of the Five Perfections.
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The Messenger Lifts Up the Fallen

“The Messenger, himself, subdued the great sea and put under his feet the rebels in it; he furthermore sets guards over them to watch them. He lifted up the fallen, healed the wounded, awakened those who were sleeping…” — Gospel of Mar Mani 36:9,10

The Holy Book tells us that the Messenger has “subdued the great sea.” This “sea” is the world itself, and especially the tumultuous sea of confusion that exists among mankind. But, as we are told in the Gospel, he also “put under his feet the rebels in it.”
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Thanksgiving for Our holy Prophet

“Out of Paradise has come a Messenger, a Herald from the Kingdom, a Messenger with a dear name, the Chosen of God, the Holy Mani†, the gracious Word!” (Gospel of Mar Mani 35:1)

Adherents of the Religion of Light, regardless of their spiritual community, recognise that Mar Mani is no ordinary man, but that he is from the Kingdom of Light above. Mar Mani was sent by the Father of Greatness to the world, and given the title “Chosen of God.”
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All of the Truth and Light

“Yisho dug a river in the world, he dug a river, even he of the sweet Name; he dug it with the spade of Truth, dredged it with the basket of Wisdom. The stones he dredged from it are like pieces of incense, all the waters that are in it are roots of Light.” Gospel of Mar Mani 34:11,12

Our Lord prepared and cultivated the land in order to create a spiritual river, so to speak, that he would then fill with living waters.
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