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Four Saints Added to Universal Manichaean Calendar

On Friday morning, the Mother Church in Iran announced that four additional saints had been added to the official Manichaean calendar for universal observance. Spokesman Brother Michael stated, “These four saints have been commemorated by the brethren here in the Middle East, but Mar Mani Khaila has requested that they should be observed universally — that is, by all Manichaeans residing in any land.”
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Today in the Church – Manichaeans Observe Second Proclamation of Mani’s Prophethood

Today, or this evening, Manichaeans will recall the events that took place with the Paraclete’s visit with Mar Mani and the second proclamation of Mar Mani’s Prophethood.

“The spirit, whose name was Yisho, taught Mani that he should avoid sensual misconduct and dedicate himself to prayer, fasting, study, and virtuous living, that when Mani came of age, the Twin would instruct him further. This would not occur until Mani had reached twenty-four years of age.” (Acts of Mar Mani 4:6)

“Even before his proclamation of prophethood, he was teaching those who sought him out concerning the Divine Mysteries. It was in these early days that Mani developed his first followers.” (AMM 5:12)

“On the twentieth day of March in the two-hundred and fortieth year, at the age of twenty-four, Mani again received a visitation from the Paraclete.
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Manichaeans to Commemorate Saints Jacob and Hanna Krause

On 30 March, Manichaean Communities throughout the world will be commemorating the memory of Saints Jacob and Hanna Krause. Jacob and Hanna were a Manichaean couple from Germany. Brother Jacob and his wife were instrumental in the establishment of the Old Order Manichaeans in the early 1950s.
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