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Resources Available for Ashavan

The official website for Asha, the New Mithraic Covenant, is accessible at On the site you will find daily prayers, a section for frequently asked questions, beliefs, and a variety of other resources.

For those who are not aware, you can obtain materials in print released by the Maethana Asha for the Asha Community. These are available for purchase from the links below.
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Religion of Light Highlights for Wednesday 18 January 2017

The Sabbath message from the Teacher of Light was released today. The brethren received instructions to read the message on this coming Sabbath (21 January 2017) or the following Sunday.

You can click here to read the Teacher of Light’s “Epistle to All Assemblies of the Religion of Light”. An adapted edition for the Asha community is available here.
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Homily: Filling Our Lives with Godly Activities

Filling Our Lives with Godly Activities

In today’s homily, we are going to be examining various topics pointed out in the 23rd verse of the 19th chapter of the Acts of Mar Mani. In this verse, there are five topics outlined.

Specifically, these are:

1) Alms-giving for forgiveness of sins;
2) the Meal of the Holy Table;
3) the Seventh Day for resting;
4) reading the Holy Scriptures; and
5) translating and copying the Scriptures

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