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Nawruz Greetings – 2015

H.H. Mar Mani Khaila and the brethren and staff of the Mother Church send their greetings to all the brethren on this very special occasion, Nawruz and on this blessed occasion of the release of the seventh edition of the Ketava Kudsha.

Mar Mani Khaila said that he wishes the brethren to be assured of his daily thoughts and prayers concerning each of you.
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Featured Literature for March 2015

“All those who share these Teachings of Light in their tongues and by printed page, they too shall be blessed and given a special place at my table in the greater horizon above the earth.” (2 Tr 12:14)

As in previous months, during March we will continue to share the Prophecy of Trees (Parts 1 and 2) along with the Teachings of Mir Izgadda and Mar Mani. We would also like to remind the brethren to continue encouraging brothers and sisters to read the Prophecy of the Sun, especially those who have recently entered the Faith or those who are still learning about the various texts within the Holy Book.
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