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Synod of the Religion of Light Being Appointed

On January 17, His Holiness the Teacher of Light conveyed the following to Mar David Shir, Mar Kharba Awraham and the Worldwide Organizational Committee.

1) He spoke of the importance of a General Synod or Conference being established in order to assist in guiding the Religion of Light as a whole (all Spiritual Communities). He stated that it needs to consist of individuals with knowledge of current events in the various Communities and who are “on the ground”, in other words not necessarily individuals in Terra Nova, Amarna or one of the other semi-celestial worlds. His Holiness said, “This is in preparation of things to come.”
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A Gift from Maran – The Chaplet of Light

We are incredibly blessed to recently have the presence of Mir Roshka instruct us in a new, and wonderful gift, known as the “Chaplet of Light.” On 20 October 2015, Mir Roshka made his presence known, along with numerous celestial beings, to a small community of Manichaeans to give instructions in how to make and pray this chaplet or prayer rope.

He said, in part, “Anyone who prays this chaplet diligently and with perfect faith and knowledge, with a clean heart and with clean hands, may walk with me in the Light. I will stand beside the man, woman or child who prays this under these guidelines.”
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Featured Literature for April 2015

“All those who share these Teachings of Light in their tongues and by printed page, they too shall be blessed and given a special place at my table in the greater horizon above the earth.” (2 Tr 12:14)

During the month of April you might wish to share more topic-specific materials such as some used in the literature listed below.
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Nawruz Greetings – 2015

H.H. Mar Mani Khaila and the brethren and staff of the Mother Church send their greetings to all the brethren on this very special occasion, Nawruz and on this blessed occasion of the release of the seventh edition of the Ketava Kudsha.

Mar Mani Khaila said that he wishes the brethren to be assured of his daily thoughts and prayers concerning each of you.
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