Be Strong Even When the Master is Gone

A Message from Mar Kharba Awraham

Whenever a Divine Messenger or Celestial Servant or Prophet appears on the Earth, either to institute a covenant with mankind, or to restore a covenant with mankind, there are always those who race into the arms of that Divine Messenger or Celestial Servant, swearing undying loyalty and obedience. Unfortunately, not every believer who basks in the Light of a Divine Messenger, Celestial Being or Prophet remains resolute in that commitment the moment that Divine personage is no longer visibly present.

Is it “While the cat is away, the mice will play”? Or just the spiritual immaturity?
When Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt to Mt. Sinai, those having experienced miracles on a grand scale in the presence of Moses, began to waver the moment he ascended up Mt. Sinai. Just think how lost you have to be to abandon being led by a Servant of the One God, to form an idol made up of golden baubles, just to have something to have a god made in one’s own image? As you can recall that didn’t end too well for the people who opted to worship the golden calf.

In the time of Jesus, the apostles themselves became forlorn the moment He was crucified and laid in the Sepulchre. The shock and disbelief of his followers, that He risen and was again among them, while understandable, also signified that, at least to some degree, that the apostles themselves were wavering on the Message Christ had given, not because the Message was faulty, but because now that the Messiah was absent, they felt lost. His re-appearance would not have been so shocking had they taken His words to heart fully. This happened again when Christ ascended into the heavens. The apostles were disheartened and God sends the Spirit of Holiness to them.
Even those most faithful of followers can become disheartened from time to time. Sometimes, the blessing of being in the proximity of celestial servants of God can be so intoxicating that those same persons, once that draught is no longer available to them, walk away from the Light Message in search of another visible interaction somewhere in the world that catches their eye or imagination.

Of course people want to be in the presence of a Divine Messenger, a Holy Prophet, an Aeon etc. No one in their right mind who had this blessing would ever want to give this up. But circumstances on Earth do not afford us this luxury. Events have been prophesied and everything that has been prophesied will come about in the fullness of time.

We know that the celestial influences helping mankind are being removed. Not to punish humanity, but so those who truly had faith, will rise to the surface and those who only had the faith of a fridge light (The light is only on when the door is open), resort to worldly ways once more.

People have initially embraced only to abandon or alter the teachings of Enoch, Akhenaten,, Krishna, Zarathustra, Rishabha, Mahavira, Shakyamuni, Jesus and they have abandoned or corrupted the teachings of Mani, as well.

Mitraya Tarendra restored the ancient covenant of the Manichaeans and His Divine Presence, Mir Izgadda has brought us all back to the heart of the Light Message. The question is: “Do we remain vigilant to our covenant, to the Light Message, when every instance of Celestial support is no longer present among us?” Have we been changed by the Message or have we become yet another example of the groupies of Divine Messengers, Aeons and Prophets, who revel in their presence and then discard the teachings the moment they are no longer among us?

Just think! We have had Divine Manifestations of Lord Mithra, the reincarnation of the Holy Prophet Apostle Mani, the Aeons and the Children of Tarendra (the reincarnated offspring of the biological children of previous Divine Incarnations on the Earth), among us, teaching us, guiding us in these days. We have been so very blessed!

But I ask you to stop and consider what we have been taught. There will come a time, and we know this from recent prophecies, where events on the ground will change, and we will be left to fend for ourselves. We have been given the tools, the structure, the means to fulfil our covenants with Il’Ya.

We can stand on our own feet and fulfil our obligations to God and the Third Messenger. We only have to be strong enough to believe in the promises of the Divine Messengers and celestial servants of the Divine Messenger.

We must be strong enough to be live the Light Message and share it with others. We must be strong enough to hold up the Religion of Light as a beacon of Salvation to all souls who cry out for God in this final age on planet Earth.

It is easy to be lonely or uncertain and it is very easy to lose your way when you feel there is no one in your corner to lift you up when you fall. I get this, truly, I do!

But I call you to open your eyes and open your mind to all that has been unfolding before us over these past years in the Religion of Light. I ask you to see the inherent consistency of everything that has been revealed, to understand that we have been in a stage of preparation for events to come, and that in this final age, we will be called to be the beacons of light for others because those beloved celestial servants will have been called back Home once more, to continue their work in other realms.

We too must be ready to do our part. How do we do this? By taking all that has been revealed to heart. If we have teachings, cherish them, memorize them and live by them.
Do not become jaded or cold because you do not have an Avatar in your presence or a Holy Prophet or Aeons etc. They do not cease to exist because you don’t see them or are not able to communicate directly with them.

Imagine that you had loved ones who were to travel to a distant land, and for the sake of this analogy, there was no internet or cellphone service. Would your love and loyalty diminish as the vessel sailed out of sight? Or would you remain steadfast in your loyalty, with an eye to a time when you would one day be re-united?

We all have the potential to be strong enough to live the Light Message, standing on our own feet, after the Divine Guidance given by God, is no longer present among us to catch us when we fall. It is at that time, that it is we, the faithful, still in this world, who can and must be there for one another when we become lost or discouraged and are in danger of falling from the Path. It is we who must ready to reach out for all those who cry out for the Divine Light of God in this age. Remember: If they are crying out for God, that outside of the Religion of Light, there will be no one else left in the world that serves God, left to do this.

My brothers and sisters, be strong even when the Master and His Celestial Servants are gone. In truth, they are never really gone. Only serving in another part of God’s Creation, one that all of us will get to experience very soon.

Holy Peace,


1 February 2015

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